The daughter and granddaughter of Winton Triangle leaders, Georgia Hall Weaver was a home economics teacher who managed her family’s considerable land holdings. Under her leadership, one of the family properties became a leading department store.

Suppose you could tell the story of an American community from 700 A.D. to your lifetime?  And that community is your own?

That is the mission of the Chowan Discovery Group; that is, to research, document, preserve and present the history of the landowning tri-racial people of color centered in Hertford County in northeastern North Carolina.

The center of this landowning community flows from the town of Winton and encompasses the towns of Cofield, Ahoskie and Union in a triangular shape; thus we call this community the Winton Triangle.

The Triangle has an unusual Southern story, and its roots pre-date the arrival of the English in 1586. We focus on the positive growth of the Triangle and the people who lived in and around it.

First Sergeant Enoch Luton was one of 80-some Free People of Color from the Winton Triangle area who served in the United State Colored Troops during the Civil War. Like many of his neighbors, he was literate. Courtesy of Enoch Luton IV

As America becomes more diverse, we hear more discussions about the cultural, ethnic, social and religious differences among us. The Winton Triangle story presents the historical context of a diverse community.  Since the Chowan Discovery Group’s founding the 2008, we have gone far in presenting our research in books, articles, electronic media, lectures and on-stage.

You can be a valuable part of our efforts. Many people have helped us advance this project by sharing their family collections and stories. We look forward to your participation as well.

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