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A Freeborn Community’s Response to the Civil War and Beyond

May 4, 2019 @ 9:30 am - 11:00 am

This presentation is about a century-old community of freeborn landowners and their contributions in and after the Civil War. A year after the Confederates seized a mixed race, married mother of three and used her as a lure, her Winton Triangle community responded by enlisting in the Union military. Over seventy of North Carolina’s Winton Triangle men fought in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.  They took part in the destruction of Charleston, captured what was to become Gen. Grant’s ultimate headquarters, took part in the eleven-month siege on Richmond and its capture; and finally enforced the Emancipation Proclamation in Texas after the war’s end (Juneteenth).

Families of soldiers helped make up of the regiments of infantry, cavalry and heavy artillery.  Families such as the Weavers, Robbins and Reynolds could each boast seven and more soldiers.

Most returned to the area to own farms, start or renew family life, establish schools, educate the formerly enslaved, form churches and other organizations, take part in politics, open businesses and expand the size of the Winton Triangle. This presentation, highlighting the research of the soldiers’ pension records, their family records and photographs, is used to teach today’s Winton Triangle people of their own Civil War past.

Rock Park Civil War Roundtable talks are  usually followed by lunch at Ledo Pizza, 7435 Georgia Avenue NW.


Rock Creek Nature Center
5200 Glover Park NW
Washington, DC 20015 United States
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